Bill’s Father

Bill Taylor, Sr. (1933)

Bill’s father, William Wellington Taylor, Sr. was born on June 2, 1898 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The first Taylor born in the new world, John Taylor was born in 1641 in Berkshire, Co. Massachusetts. Bill Sr.’s mother, Minnie Phillips Taylor was the daughter of Civil War veteran, William Beynon Phillips, who was captured at “The Battle of the Crater” and spent 8 months in a Confederate prison camp.

Bill Sr. graduated from Lafayette College in 1919 with a degree in English. Following his marriage to Alice Aten in 1920, Bill Sr. was offered a job to teach English at Harvard Military School in Los Angeles, California. His entire professional career would be spent at Harvard School where he would become head of the English Department before retiring after 35 years.

As is evidenced by the photo accompanying this profile, Bill’s father had a broad sense of humor in addition to an outgoing personality. Both of these qualities were passed down to his only son.


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