Bill’s Politics

As is evidenced in his letters, Bill has a keen interest in politics. The Taylor household in which he was raised was alive with passionate, opinionated political discussion. From an early age Bill was infused with the conservative political philosophy of his parents. In his writing it is clear that Bill is no fan of President Roosevelt and embraces the Republican point of view.

From June 26-28, 1944 the Republican Party held it’s National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. Governor Thomas E. Dewey of New York was nominated as the Republican Presidential candidate on the first ballot. He was the first Republican candidate to accept the nomination in person. Ohio Governor John Bricker was the Vice-Presidential nominee. Earl Warren does not appear to be a factor in the contest to be the Vice-Presidential candidate in 1944.

A brief survey of the 1944 Republican Party Platform of 1944 does not present any major planks critical of the Roosevelt war effort. Most of the platform deals with domestic issues.


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