Bill’s Cartoons

It is apparent from his letters that Bill is a talented writer — a skill he inherited and honed with the nurturing guidance of his English-teacher father. Also revealed in the letters is Bill’s gift for drawing cartoons. The cartoons provide Bill with an additional outlet for his keen eye of observation and cynical, sarcastic side. They also allow Bill to keep things in perspective in a humorous way.

Letter 4 (10/19/1943) “Me in the hospital”

Letter 5 (10/20/1943) “Me and my mop”

Letter 8 (10/24/1943) “Me in the cold”

Letter 10 (10/28/1943) “Me, bent and misshapen”

Letter 21 (11/7/1943) “Me coming off the range”

Letter 23 (11/10/1943) “Canvas back” Taylor

Letter 26 (11/15/1943) “Parade at Camp Abbot”

Letter 32 (11/28/1943) “Sharpshooter Medal”

Letter 33 (11/29/1943) “Beautiful day at Camp Abbot”

Letter 39 (12/6/1943 “Me putting booby trap out of action”

Letter 40 (12/16/1943) Expert “Goldbrick”

Letter 51 (12/25/1943) “Me, in winter uniform”

Letter 52 (12/26/1943) “The officers this morning”

Letter 55 (1/1/1944) “Me, welcoming in the New Year”

Letter 58 (1/9/1944) “Me, in weapons training”

Letter 85 (4/1/1944) “Me at Radio School”

Letter 92 (4/17/1944) “Why I want out of Radio School”

Letter 107 (7/4/1944) “Me and my usual mood”

Letter 122 (9/19/1944) “Taylor, ya got some mail”

Letter 212 (7/11/1945) “Why didn’t I join the navy?”


3 responses to “Bill’s Cartoons

  1. These are wonderful & witty drawings. He had great talent and should have been a cartoonist for the Army’s publications. Everybody needs some humor!

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