Bill in Combat January 30 to March 5, 1945

Company A remains in houses in Glassenberg until the 30th. of January, when ordered to take over positions at the French Garrison. At the Garrison a line is built around the French fortifications, so that it is possible for some of the men to be in buildings or pillboxes. The weather begins to break from snow to rain creating water and mud where the snow had been.

On the night of February 2-3, an attack is ordered by the battalion CO. A Company is the only unit to participate. The plan is for one platoon to attack a certain enemy hill, and if successful to move around back toward the American line where the rest of the Company is to push out and meet them. Then the whole company is to dig in the new position. The First Platoon makes the attack. Three enemy machine guns are emplaced in well situated positions high on the hill with plenty of rifle protection. Interlocking and cross fire from the guns, the difficult terrain and darkness cause the platoon to split up and lose contact with one another. Meanwhile, artillery rounds fall on the rest of the Company as they await the signal to push out and meet the First Platoon. The linkup fails and Company A must move back to its original position.

Except for more miserable rain, and limited patrol activity, nothing particularly important happens until February 14 when the Company is relieved and retires to Siersthal. By this time both combatants are well acquainted with each other’s lines and strong points of resistance. On the 20th Company A is back up on the line at the Glassenberg flank. On March 5, they are pulled back for another rest.


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